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African Verbal and Visual Arts B.A. & M.A.

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African Verbal and Visual Arts: Languages, Literatures, Media and Art (BA)

The Bachelor of Arts programme African Verbal and Visual Arts (AVVA) offers insights into the scholarly fields of African languages, African literatures, African arts, and media in Africa. The curriculum provides students with a multifaceted knowledge of African cultural matters, which are at the same time global matters. It also reacts to the developments in the global job market by providing its graduates with a unique intercultural expertise.

Africa is a continent with a thousand and one facets. We offer this innovative, multidisciplinary and market-oriented bachelor’s programme as a solid starting point towards understanding the intricacies of the African continent and building expertise in African studies. Our curriculum enables students to acquire knowledge in four key branches of African studies: Languages; Literatures (in African languages as well as Anglophone and Francophone African literatures); Media; and Arts (both modern and contemporary). We offer theoretical, methodological and practical tools for study, which prepare the student to critically engage with the perspectives needed to deal with African cultural milieus, ideas and forms of expressions.

Contents & Structure

​Why study BA AVVA at the University of Bayreuth?Hide
  • The Iwalewahaus: An internationally unique institution dedicated to modern and contemporary African arts
  • The only university in Germany with a professorship in Literatures in African Languages
  • International and multilingual staff teaching the AVVA curriculum
  • Multi- and interdisciplinary research and curricula in African studies
  • International network based on the principle “research on Africa only with Africa”
  • An international campus with students and scholars from all corners of the globe, especially from Africa
  • Germany’s best library for African studies in Germany with no third-party funding
  • Over 40 years of world-renowned expertise on African studies
  • Our campus is both eco-friendly and family friendly and the town offers a high quality of life
General InformationHide


3 years (6 semesters) of full-time study or 6 years (12 semesters) of part-time study.

Tuition fees


Registration fees

ca. 110 euros per semester to cover student services and a semester bus pass for students.



A good command of written and spoken English (equivalent to B2 of the European Framework of Reference for Languages) is a prerequisite. You may submit a language certificate, school certificate, or a degree awarded by an institution whose language of instruction is English.


A command of German (equivalent to A1 of the European Framework of Reference for Languages) is required. This will facilitate your daily life and will improve your language repertoire. You may submit a language certificate or fulfil the requirement of A1 German by the end of the second semester of study.

African Languages

We offer courses in Bambara, Hausa, Swahili, Arabic and isiXhosa


The programme is organized into modules reflecting the multiplicity of African cultural affairs.

Compulsory course modules introduce methods of art studies, media studies, literary studies and linguistics. A practice-oriented project, an overview of the linguistic landscape in Africa and an interdisciplinary module provide students with both academic and practical skills.

Elective compulsory course modules cover different fields of specialization and advanced seminars. The students will choose one of the disciplines in which they envisage writing their BA thesis. In addition, they will have to take at least one advanced seminar from one of the other disciplines.

Minor subjectsHide

Students majoring in AVVA also choose one minor.

Minor subjects offered in English:

(Please note that only the following minor subjects are taught in English)

Minor subjects offered in German (B2 German required) are:

  • Anglistik
  • Arabische und Islamische Sprach- und Kulturstudien
  • Didaktik des Deutschen als Zweitsprache
  • Ethnologie
  • Germanistik
  • Interkulturelle Germanistik (Deutsch als Fremdsprache)
  • Kultur und Gesellschaft Afrikas
  • Religionswissenschaft
  • Soziologie
  • Theaterdidaktik

Students studying AVVA as a minor subject find their examination regulations here: https://www.amtliche-bekanntmachungen.uni-bayreuth.de/de/amtliche-bekanntmachungen/2017/2017-050.pdf On page 13 the mandatory courses of the AVVA minor are spelled out.

Programme ObjectivesHide

The bachelor’s programme is open to students with a keen interest in intercultural awareness, curiosity about the cultural richness of the African continent and a passion for critical and creative interdisciplinary approaches in the humanities. You will write your B.A. thesis in a field of specialization of your choice, i.e., we emphasize your personal development and provide enough room for your creativity to flourish.

Career ProspectsHide

AVVA fosters early interdisciplinary awareness, intellectual independence, personal development and the ability to utilise theoretical and methodological tools as practical assets. Graduates of AVVA are prepared to start a career in exciting fields such as cultural and intercultural work, international cooperation, intercultural communication, intercultural mass media, creative entrepreneurship and international consulting in African affairs.

The focus on teaching in English advances our internationalization strategy and enables fruitful links between the research hub in African Studies at the University of Bayreuth and elsewhere.

Upon completion of the BA programme, candidates may also enrol in the master’s programme African Verbal and Visual Arts: Languages, Literatures, Media and Art.

Participating InstitutionsHide

Application and EnrolmentHide

Your profile

We are looking forward to welcoming candidates with an interest in African cultural issues who are ready to interact with people from all corners of the globe on a lovely campus of a university recognised worldwide for its strong emphasis in the field of African Studies.

Application procedure

New students enter the programme in the winter semester (October of each year); the application deadline for international students is generally 15 July.

For detailed and updated information regarding your application, see: Application procedure

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