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African Verbal and Visual Arts B.A. & M.A.

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Introduction for first-year students

Introduction for first-year students

The general introductory meeting for first-year students will be held  ...more

General Kick-Off Meeting for all AVVA students

General Kick-Off Meeting for all AVVA students

The first meeting in Winter Term 2021/22 of the BA and MA programmes African Verbal and Visual Arts (AVVA),  ...more

Language courses

Language courses

The following steps enable you to participate in the language courses:  ...more

Term Schedule Winter Term 21/22

Term Schedule Winter Term 2021/22

Lectures commence on 18 October 2021. Details can   ...more

Re-Registration for winter term 2021/22

Re-Registration for Winter Term 2021/22

Re-registration for the Winter Term 2021/22 has commenced  ...more

Updated information regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus SARS-COV-2)

For important information concerning the present situation and the summer term 2020, please check the following updates on the university website   ...more

Use of library

Use of library

Use of library: information for first-time library users can be found here: ub.uni-bayreuth.de/en/hinweise_fuer/erstnutzer/index.html  ...more

Support for International Students

Support for International Students

The faculty of Languages and Literatures offers logistic support and information as well as networking opportunities for international students under the following link  ...more

​African Verbal and Visual Arts: Languages, Literatures Media and Art

Are you searching for a place where the African continent’s enormous creative power is studied? Where the richness of African languages and artistic developments is analysed and investigated in a scholarly way?

In the AVVA programme (BA and MA) we offer theoretical, methodological and practical tools for study, which prepare the student to critically engage with the perspectives needed to deal with African cultural milieus, ideas and forms of expression.

The innovative, multidisciplinary and market-oriented bachelor’s programme African Verbal and Visual Arts (AVVA) is a solid starting point towards understanding the intricacies of the African continent and building expertise in African studies.

The master’s programme African Verbal and Visual Arts: Languages, Literatures Media and Art (AVVA) offers a thorough, cross-disciplinary treatment of current, research-oriented topics in African linguistics, African literatures, African media, art and curational studies. 


The Bachelor of Arts programme African Verbal and Visual Arts (AVVA) offers insights into the scholarly fields of African languages, African literatures, African arts, and media in Africa...more


The Master’s programme African Visual and Verbal Arts is a development from the former Master’s programme African Language Studies, which had an exclusive focus on African Linguistics and Swahili Studies... more

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